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Our mission

Pomeranian Business Club is an initiative of business owners and executives Pomeranian business. Club members actively support the professional and social contacts, developing and promoting initiatives, attitudes and activities – promoting development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs Pomerania – members and partners of the Pomeranian Business Club.


Integration of Pomeranian business, exchange of experiences, creating the right climate and space for a wide interregional cooperation of individuals, companies and institutions, as well as initiating and promoting trans-regional projects to stimulate entrepreneurship and presentation of the best business practices.

The way to achieve the goal

Networking meetings for among other things, make new contacts, share knowledge.
Support for economic activity among members through legal and economic organization of trainings, seminars and conferences on topics related to issues of business, economics and management. Building a coalition of companies, organizations and institutions to support entrepreneurship, especially in the Pomeranian region.
Promoting interesting initiatives Club members aimed at stimulating entrepreneurship and promotion of the region, the country and abroad.
Creating a platform for exchange of experience between managers, public administration and social organizations, to build a climate conducive to the development of Pomerania.
Conducting an information exchange system for bringing business at home and abroad.
Rewarding outstanding personalities and companies, especially involved in the economic development of our region and activities Club sible socially active and enterprising.

This is the most important internal document – a “constitution” of the association – is confirmed in writing information on the principles of its operation.

Along with the Law on Associations is the basis of activities of the association. Delimits, it is the base on which the association bases its activity. All activities conducted by the association must comply with the statute (which must result from it), and can not deny it.

The Statute will find the answers, among others, questions such as:

Who runs the association?
What are our goals?
What actions can lead?
What competences are our authorities?
Where it can come from the assets of our association?
The Statute is also a source of information for other entities, eg. For potential funders, sponsors. With this document you will learn, among others, What is the association of what and how it can do, what its internal structure, whether engaged in business and what kind of who can sign contracts on its behalf.


Artur Kowalczyk

Chairman of the Board. A graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Gdansk and the Higher School of Real Estate in Warsaw. Professionally bound zbranżami: financial,[…]

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